Mike: Bookseller is a “slice of life” webcomic featuring Mike and his coworkers working retail in a large corporate type bookstore. Join them in the stories of irate customers, horrible bosses/coworkers, selling silly loyalty discount cards, passive aggressively shilling the Nuk E-reader, and random geek topics when the opportunity strikes. Most of the comics are produced on paper save a choice few (which don’t look as awesome in my opinion.)

Mike Lugaresi is a real life bookseller from California, drawing and posting his comics online. Currently he’s only actively working on Mike: Bookseller, but plans to go back to working on Travels of Krrobar (despite people not reading it as much as Bookseller, he still loves writing and drawing it.)
Mike likes drawing supplies, giraffes, playing games, Magic the Gathering (what a nerd), watching anime (NERRRRD), and cats. (Nerd?)

Any views shown on this website are not to be misconstrued as the views of certain large corporate bookselling companies. They’re solely the warped thoughts of an exhausted, cynical insomniac.