I feel like I have to quickly add to this comic that there is nothing inherently wrong with any of these categories of books. Plenty of fine reading material found in all. I’m sure there have been many people who have been touched or inspired by what was found inside the pages of these works.

With that out of the way, man, this area of the store sure attracts a lot of self important, judgmental, arrogant, pushy, and annoying people. There are Christians, people who happen to believe that Jesus died and atoned for everyone’s sins, and “Christians,” people who think Jesus only died for you if you believe in him and how dare you wear that or listen to that or think counter to how I so narrowly see the world you will burn in hell and why are we so persecuted we are righteous.
You’ll find all the alternative people who want to be spiritual but don’t want God necessarily, but they also don’t fall into the VERY alternative areas where Astrology and Paganism stuff, so they kind of settle for the vague middle eastern religion section.
We finally come to the philosophy section, just as preachy as “Christians” and just as insufferable. There are much better ways of getting people to hear about what you believe than consistently pushing an agenda.

…and with ALL of THAT being said, I will gladly smile, nod, and agree to whatever you’re waffling on about if I can sell you a book or two and get you out of the store.