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Cards Against Humanity is still a bestseller. A lot of people came in over the holidays and bought the game and its myriad expansions. We never got close to selling out, and I hope we aren’t sent anymore. We have enough for NEXT holiday season still and it’s all just going to gather dust until then.

But with all things becoming popular, plenty of people want to capitalize on that and copy the path that got the millions rolling in. Everything is “adultified” now. We’re seeing other games coming in with a naughty repaint and nothing else. It’s a very sad trend. Adult jokes and potty humor can be a riot for some, not for all. And in all honesty, playing games like this is maybe, MAYBE fun for about fifteen minutes. There are much better games out there. I don’t know how else to convince customers to buy it, but Dixit is the best of all of these games. It ditches the “Impress the Judge” mechanic and gets everyone involved and scoring points every round. It has just as many, if not more, expansions, and not a naughty word or image in sight. That’s the game you should be busting out to play with family. Once someone wins in that game you don’t want it to end.

Just wait… Dixit is going to have an adult version… Dixxxit or something stupid like that…