I don’t understand why some old people can’t learn how to use new technology. Many of these people come from a generation where they were told not to question their parents, or the methods of dividing fractions, but to just learn the material presented, and blindly follow the methods taught. This kind of behavior has been programmed into them. To follow, and not question why. Yet, these old people seem to be the collective who can’t wrap their minds around things like computers, MP3 players, and online chat rooms, even though many of the things that we use now are evolutions and combinations of what they had when they were kids. Typewriters, calculators, record players, Teleprinters, and telephones. A cellphone does all of that and more, and fits in the palm of your hand. And for some reason, those old people don’t like that.

It reminds me of a story I read online, about a son catching his dear old father turning of his computer by unplugging it from the wall (which is really bad for it). When the son asked why his father was still turning off the computer by unplugging it, instead of the proper way that he had shown him, the father replied that he thought it was confusing to click on the “start” button to get to the menu item to shut it down.

The man knew the proper way to shut down the computer. So why did he continue to unplug it from the wall? I think the problem was not that the man began to question the method he had been taught. But that he resisted to learn and comprehend the answer. –Tommy (Mike did not write this post this time, just the comic.)