We had someone ask us this question a little while back. they were honestly looking for day planners, or, agendas, to plan their days out. Completely innocent question. But with all of the current affairs books praising or bashing political figures right now, a lot of our reactions to this question would be something along the lines of “Oh great, another opinionated, angry customer.”

We sell stuff, our agenda is to get as much of your money as you’re willing to give us. You can purchase or not purchase anything in the store. Going on a rant about how we are pro/anti (insert hot button topic here) is pointless. We sell both sides because that makes the most money.

Also, calendars are becoming more of an all year thing now? I don’t quite understand that. I get the mid-year 18 month calendars, but we had stuff start in March and go to June 2019 or something. People are coming in to buy them too. …But don’t most people have some sort of phone or computer that can schedule things out and set alarms and stuff for them now? Are calendars still this popular?