I got an email from Tracie that inspired today’s comic:

“It was a normal day and a customer came up to me with a normal question of finding a particular book. He was wearing a large fanny pouch and as I was leading him to the back of the store to find a sports book I saw the pouch move. I was tempted to ask, but not sure if I wanted to know… anyways we made it to the sports section, handed him his book and that is when a BABY KANGAROO popped his head out of the fanny pack! I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and as i petted the little joey the gentleman tells me that he runs a kangaroo farm and the joey had hopped out of the mom’s pouch but couldn’t get back in, so he was carrying the little guy until he was big enough that he could get back into the mother’s pouch. Seriously one of the cutest and weirdest pets to come into the store. I mean the little guy beat the pet owl, parrot, and lizard hands down.”

I’m actually pretty jealous that Tracie got to see a baby kangaroo in person. That’s way too awesome, Tracie! Thanks for the email!