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There have been times where a singular customer can take over your whole day. Is there something that happens when they call in or ask for help that their shopping list gets compartmentalized and they can only access the next part after I fulfill their initial request?
There have been some people that have used me as their personal shopping basket for over thirty minutes, which I wouldn’t mind too much if they bought all the books I was carrying, but that is rarely the case. Too many times have I come up to the register with baskets full of a customer’s books only to have them leave by purchasing a magazine and a candy bar.
What’s the point of walking around gathering all of that crap if you weren’t going to buy it? You can clearly see the price tags and do some quick mental math to ballpark a price to the totals. Don’t waste everyone’s time pretending to be affluent enough to grab all those books only to have reality crash down and shatter your dreams at the cash register. My dreams were destroyed their too. A chance at an easy sell for a membership to get my manager off my back just turned into a lecture for lack of customer retention and up-selling.