This comic was inspired through a request in a recent email, so I thought I ought to get it into comic form before I lose its potency in the tangled mess of my brain.

It’s that whole holiday season thing… it’s starting to ramp up and with that ramping up comes a very long list of questions that we, humble booksellers, are expected to ask. Each. And. Every. Customer. It takes forever! I really don’t think someone buying a magazine (specific, SPECIFIC magazines at that) cares about our new Kids Club card.

I got an advance readers copy of Lauren Hillenbrand’s “Unbroken” way back in June/July and read through it surprisingly quickly for it’s length. Anyone interested in Olympics, WWII, stories of redemption, biographies… it feels like it has everything in it. It’s awesome and it just went on sale. It has, for however much weight this carries, Mike Bookseller’s stamp of Go Freaking Buy It Already.