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I know that the 90s are a big thing to revisit right now, but there are things that are best left in the past, and a lot of them are locker crap. It’s a waste of materials, space, time, and money. No one in this day and age needs a mirror or a lamp in their locker. They have it all collected in a nice convenient computer that fits in their pocket.

Stocking this crap is a huge mistake and I think it was set up by our now fired CEO. There’s speculation out there that the CEO The Bookstore had hired on from Staples made a shady deal or two to get this stuff shipped in to our stores and weighed the up front money and saw that if he got fired without severance that he’d already set up his golden parachute.

This Back To School merchandise initiative more than likely didn’t bring in the sales home office wanted, and it’s soon going to be discounted, thrown into clearance bins, and, hopefully, never brought back again.

We have over 200 packages of dry erase markers sitting in overstock right now. Cheap, awful, and an absolute waste of time. Trying to turn The Bookstore into Staples was a huge blunder. I hope it never happens again.