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This back to school display has given me mixed feelings. I like that we’re selling normal Jansport backpacks right now. Those are nice backpacks, we’ve had people ask for these types of things in the past and now we can fulfill that need. I like the cheaper pens we sell too. Kids coming in looking for pens aren’t going to be sold on those fancy schmancy $40+ pens when they’re still going to middle school.
What I don’t like are the corrugate displays that have come in for all of this new merchandise. They’re needlessly complicated and have the poorest excuse for instructions you could imagine. The step by step instructions are anything but step by step. Whoever took the pictures for an example on how to assemble these abominations should be fired. It leaves everything to the imagination. When assembling these displays you’re flying blind. It took a team of people to figure these things out. A lot of the normal corrugate displays we get sent in take at most three minutes to put together. With how complicated these backpack and notebook displays are it’s taken my coworkers upwards of their entire shift to complete just one. What a waste of time.
How expensive would it have been to get some wooden displays with wheels? Some kind of evergreen display that would allow us to reuse it for future seasonal merchandise? Is it too much to ask for something like that so that we won’t ever have to deal with this corrugate crap ever again?