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My aunt would classify her time on earth as BC: Before Children, and, of course, After Children.

I held down a second job twice before having a kid and thought I had no time. Now I have ANOTHER second job –Ahem! Maybe this could help me not have to work so much…– and I really know I have no extra time. I drew this comic while watching her so I could let Brittany go to bed. I was lucky this time, our baby was in a great mood. All sorts of wiggles and giggles. I don’t foresee that as an everyday thing.
I don’t care too much about my appearance now. That would take precious time and energy that I don’t have. We probably should have started having kids when we were younger, but that wouldn’t have worked out either. A friend of mine told me that he was happy to start having children later on in life. He said, “It’s better to be older when having kids, you have more wisdom and patience, a little less energy. Better than a lot of energy and no patience.” Being tempered down a bit by being in my mid 30s has helped me see that too.