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September first may not sound like a typical holiday season date on the calendar, but for all of us retail peons, it definitively starts the dreaded Christmas event. Every publisher wants to hit with their big holiday books now. They want to make sure their books and toys and CDs and movies all have plenty of shelf space because the closer we get to December the less time they have to turn a few quick bucks. The very unfortunate side effect of getting everything in now, ahead of the rush, is that there is no rush. We really don’t have space to put any of this crap. It’s just sitting around gathering dust until the scheduled display is finally implemented… In NOVEMBER. It hits even heavier due to Labor Day being a national holiday. Not only did we get a heavy load of product, but it was front loaded in anticipation for a shortened shipment week due to the holiday. Well…at least there’s time-and-a-half pay, right?