I got an interesting email from Elise a little while ago:

“A male customer was at customer service and requested a book (OBVS) entitled Kill or Be Killed. I really thought nothing of it at first, thinking it another cutthroat business title. It turned out to be a martial arts book, but regardless, it was a pre-paid title. I explained what that meant, and he was fine with it, just asked for a total so he could get some cash out before completing the order (I didn’t bother explaining that I could place the order before he got money out). When he actually returned, I asked for his phone number. He gave me an 800 number. I inquired as to his name, and he replied with a name along the lines of Vito Corleone. When I explained that I needed his home address so I could send the book to him, he blanched and asked if there was any way around that. I told him nope, at the very least, we needed a billing address. He refused and walked away. I’m convinced this guy was on the run from the mob…”

Some of these paranoid customers, man…

Elise! Thanks for the email!