I got an email from Lauren this past week detailing the nightmare that is the children’s section: “I’m a children’s department lead and I just wanted to tell you about a huge problem we’ve been having recently that I’m sure you’ve also experienced – parent’s thinking we’re babysitters and leaving their kids alone on the stage or by the train set and going to another part of the store or even to other stores to go shop! I had three sets of children (6 kids in total) left alone in one day before! some parent said they’d be back soon cause they were in line and we had to tell them we’d call mall security if they weren’t back soon before they’d come back. I’ve had a 10 year old girl apologize to me for the inconvenience of watching her and have been told by a father that was down stairs in cafe after I explained that he had to be within ear shot of his daughter ‘But, she’s twelve!’”

Maybe if we were allowed to make announcements like todays comic we wouldn’t have to deal with this annoying problem anymore.
Thanks for the email, Lauren!!