This one goes way back for me. When I first started at The Bookstore I was the regular shelver scheduled, day in day out, every workday morning. I’d arrive about five to ten minutes before the 7am start time and wait for the opening manager to show up. Being that dependable I was given a list of all the phone numbers of the managers to call in case one didn’t show up, or, in the case of the comic here, forgot that they were scheduled to open the store that morning.
Lark kept a mostly calm vocabulary at work, it was one of the few aspects of his character that I could safely call professional. But I guess I caught him off guard that morning. Once I told him that we was the one who was supposed to open the floodgates of Four Letter Words, deities cursing other deities, sons of female dogs, and all manner of uncouth combinations of utterances reached my ears. The man can cuss. It took Lark a few moments to collect himself, then he calmly said, “I’m heading over, I’ll see you when I get there.”