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I had a manager who clearly had no idea how to run a store logistically. They would tend to panic, freak out over minimal issues, and ruin the day for anyone who crossed their path. One huge issue was the stockroom. This manager treated the stockroom as storage. Anything they didn’t want to deal with they’d box it up and throw it in the back. It created a lot of wasted payroll hours. The receivers would receive in a box, stock the product, a shelver would shelve said product on the sales floor, then the manager didn’t want it out on the floor, have another bookseller bring it back to the stockroom, box it up again, then have another bookseller either shelve it again later, or un-box the product to then put it into another box to ship it back to the distribution center. All that to save peace of mind for one frazzled store manager. It’s been a bit of time since I’ve had to deal with that crap on a daily basis and I am so happy to say that things have improved dramatically with a new management staff.
To the frazzled manager, thank you for leaving. You made the job a lot more complicated than it needed to be and added undo stress to the whole store staff. Your ideas were either lazy and selfish or a waste of time. Good luck with whatever you’re doing now and may God have mercy on all those who work with you currently.