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Every year they call and every year we tell them the same thing. …and every year they don’t get it. They keep asking. They say that the book they’re looking for ISN’T a textbook with a title like “Western Civilization: Colonial to Industrial age, seventeenth edition.”

The worst part is we can tell the person over the phone, they may understand and they may never call for a textbook ever again, but they never pass that information along to their classmates, and the professors are no help either. “You’ll need the textbook. I think you can get it at a Booksellers store or something.”

No matter how many people we tell, there will always be a new student calling us.

My suggestion of adding “WE DON’T SELL TEXTBOOKS” to the auto-message at the front of the phone call has fallen on deaf ears. I swear it would save 5 hours of payroll a week if it was implemented.