Hey, it’s Labor day! And I don’t have to work! So I have an extra comic this week. I don’t normally get to draw a comic and have it posted on Monday due to my schedule at work, but here ya go!

I got a great email from Jess asking me to draw a comic about how retail workers are dealing with Hurricane Irene and its aftermath. From Jess, “My store is still wet and smelly from Irene. We’ve been closed since Saturday! The doors are open, to help with the smell, but we have them blocked with stanchions that say we’re closed. Would you believe customers actually move them and/or climb over them, to come in? Then they act all confused when we tell them we’re closed!!!!”

Common sense doesn’t run through the minds of customers it seems.

To all those who are dealing with the flooded areas, the dank smells, customers who don’t get that you’re closed due to damages, lost merchandise, general all around nasty conditions, I hope it gets better really soon. Thanks for reading and I hope in some small way I can brighten your day a little bit with my comics.