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It still is a great idea really, Apples to Apples got stale very quickly whereas Cards Against Humanity goes for tasteless jokes and ribald humor to keep it interesting for a little bit longer. But there are only so many times you can play Match-this-suggestive-card-with-a-raunchy-punchline-card before you want something with a little more depth.
There are some great party games out there that can get people more involved than what Cards Against Humanity can offer. Codenames, Spyfall, Coup… I hope more people are using Cards Against Humanity as a gateway drug–Err–gateway game into more involving and entertaining products.
I really hope whoever is making the decision to ship countless copies of Cards Against Humanity to our store will clue in as well. I don’t mean for them to send in all the copycats and me too clones of Cards Against Humanity either. I’m tired of seeing the “what do you meme” type stuff.
We need more games like Hellapagos and Dixit. Sheriff of Nottingham is a great party game about bluffing and misdirection.
Stop with the clone crap. We got enough of those and they’re taking up way too much space!