Got an email from Tracie:

” My manager was doing a quick walk through the store. As she was going towards the cafe she sees a little boy take some Yu-Gi-Oh cards from the card spinner. The boy then proceeds to take the cards out of the package and stuff them into his jacket. My manager approaches the youngster and questions him about the cards; the kid freaks out and tries to book it to the exit. She chases after him and luckily the parents noticed and helped my manager grab the kid. My manager said that she wouldn’t call the cops if they didn’t want her too, but the parents said go ahead, they said it would be a “good learning experience” and they said they would also pay for the cards too. While they waited for the mall cops to come the kid started to scream like he was in serious pain. By the time they came the kid was terrified out of his wits, the parents had paid for the cards and had the kid give them away to anyone that wanted Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and a couple of us had gathered to watch the show. I think that kid thought twice before he shoplifted again.”

Thanks for another great email, Tracie!!