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I got a great email from Vic about a strange customer interaction:

“I was working the help desk, when a lady came up and said she wanted to exchange her Double CD set for a new one. I went back to see if we had any more and we didn’t have any. I told her so, and she asked if she could return it. Now, corporate policy was that once a CD had been opened, we couldn’t accept it as a return, and I told her so. I then asked her just what the problem was with the CDs.

She said “The CDs are fine, but the label on the card in the box lists Side One twice. So just give me my money back please.”

Me: “So there’s nothing wrong with the CDs at all?”

Her: “No, just the card label.”

Me: “So you got the music you wanted, but you are returning it because the card label is wrong?”

Her: “Yes, I want to be able to read what I am listening to while driving.”

Facepalming ensued.”

I really want to be able to read customers’ minds just to see how their thought process works. It still baffles me how out of left field their reasons, or excuses, are.

Thanks for the email, Vic!!