Trying to show someone like Beulah how to do anything is akin to slamming your face into a brick wall. You will never get through. Having the pleasure of cross training quite a few Beulah-types throughout my illustrious bookselling career, showing them how to work a PDT is the most frustrating part. If they can barely answer a simple phone call, look lost any time a customer asks them where the restroom is, and try to pass off any type of task that requires them to think, instructing them on the proper usage of a portable computer is the epitome of an exercise in futility.

Then, once they’re “trained,” they spend the rest of their bookselling life screwing up each step of whatever process was unwisely given to them. Returns? A nightmare. Frontlist rotation? A joke. Recovery? A disaster.

And the most frustrating aspect of it all is that they still somehow stay on the payroll.