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We are slowly running out of all sorts of supplies at work and I’ve heard just recently that a new supplier is coming through.
This Staples contract has been going for years, for it to be cut off so abruptly really makes people think it’s connected to that Demos guy getting terminated. A bigwig from Staples going over to The Bookstore, a huge back to school merchandise campaign, and then he gets fired and the office supply contract cut around the same time… There’s a big story tucked into all of that somewhere but I doubt we’ll ever hear anything from it.
The janitorial contracts are pretty messed up too. One store I worked at went through four companies within a few months. I don’t envy the job, I know people don’t really like cleaning up other people’s poop even if they get paid for it, and I have no idea how little they make, but come on, there has to be at least a couple trustworthy Janitorial services out there that you can depend on.