So I got an email a week or two ago from Howard detailing his experience with a highly sensitive Religious woman afraid that her nük was possessed with evil naked book cover pictures.
From Howard: “I then explained to her in excruciating detail that the book was, in fact, not on her nük but that it was an advertisement for the books on the best seller list.
“So its always going to be there?” she asked.
“Well, not necessarily that book but all sorts of books based on accumulated sales.”
She then had to most horrified look on her face. Eyes wide as saucers. “You mean I have to deal with other people’s choices?””

Howard, I salute you for your self control and not completely breaking down and laughing at how silly that situation was. Also, thanks for sharing the email with me!

I decided to change the customer from being religious to being a vegan. If there’s one thing I can’t really get behind it’s the people who make a conscious choice to stay away from foods that the teeth in their mouths were designed to eat. Also, screw you, PETA.

I also wanted to show you the cover of the offensive cookbook: This cover is too amazing to be offensive. I mean, just look at how happy that man is!