Inspired by an awesome email sent to me from Margaret:

” Our Pop Cultured events were met with mixed success, though our Frozen Friday event went pretty well. As one of only 2 female employees with long blonde hair, I was Elsa for the evening. We had between 20 and 30 kids show up, and everyone had pictures taken. After that I backed up to one of our Penguin tables with a coworker, and we led the singalong. During a break between songs, a random customer walks up to me (after walking around several small children that were still gathered around me) and starts telling me about how her husband had received a coupon for a free book, maybe a kids book, and did I know where to go for that? Since I had already told the kids I wasn’t allowed to summon ice storms, I politely told her that she needed to find someone else to ask. Thankfully she was too confused to complain about my lack of helpfulness.”

From here the comic went into the thought exercise of “What if someone was dressed up in one of those full body ‘story time’ costumes and customers were still asking for help?” Then THAT thought turned into “what if Ginger was there?”

The image of Cookie Mouse threatening very specific violence made me chuckle, I hope it elicits a chuckle or two from you.

Margaret! Thanks so much for sharing!