Jesse sent me an email this past week about dealing with a disturbing customer when she worked at Waldenbooks, “…this particular occasion I had an elderly woman come in looking for a book for her grandson. She asked at first for a model book. I thought she meant the books for artists, various models posing, usually in the nude. I take her to the back of the store, show her those books. “No no, the monthly ones, They are in the front, I just can’t reach them!” She tells me. She means the porn mags…

“I go to help her and she’s not certain which to buy and then proceeds to have be get down a variety pack of mens porn mags then plays the ‘Which Is Better?’ game with me between 10 different ones… I go to ring her up and the cash wrap, all the while trying to ignore the fact that I just helped a (thankfully cheerful) 70 year old woman pick out porn when she took a nosedive into ‘Too Much Information’ territory. “My daughter is a prude and she found out that my grandson had a porn DVD and threw it out on him. I think every growing boy needs porn so I’m buying these for him since he’s 15 and can’t get them himself. I think I’m a pretty awesome grandma for doing that, don’t you think? Oh, here’s a picture of him, isn’t he just so handsome?””

I felt that the only way this situation could end was an arrest. Also, while I changed the age in the strip, just to add that extra bit of unease and creepiness, it doesn’t matter if the kid was turning 18 in a month, it’s still illegal. Really, old creepy lady, you should know better.

Thanks for the email, Jesse! Todays comic is brought to the Internet because of your story! Thank you!