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These Lego mystery figures are the bane of my wallet. More so than Magic: The Gathering cards. No one can resist the Lego. they have all sorts of series of these little mini figures coming in and the latest is pretty dang amazing. Disney Lego figures. That’s gold. Gold covered chocolate gold. No one can say no to these things. We had a whole box come in, that’s like 60 of those little mystery packets. They sold out in a day. I’ve become fairly proficient in feeling up the mystery packet to find out which specific character figure is inside to the point that coworkers will walk up to me and ask me to find them one or two. …or seven. Lego has created something more powerful than crack cocaine. I must have them all!
The sad side of the story here is when we got in the Disney Lego figures they were strict on sale, meaning I couldn’t buy them until a specific date. I was asked to sort through all of them which I did happily (I wanted that Maleficent and Buzz Lightyear!). After spending thirty minutes sorting them all out and labeling them, coworkers grabbed one or two and placed them on reserve to buy later. Here’s the sad part, some unknown employee went in later, switched out a lot of those reserved mini figures to take for themselves and mixed up all the labels. What people knew was a Daisy Duck or a Minnie Mouse turned out to be Syndrome or Alice. That was not a cool move, mystery employee. Not cool at all.