Hollie sent me a story about the many homeless people that routinely showed up at her store:

“At the store I worked at in Metairie Louisiana, we have a rather large population of homeless
people who spend their entire day in our store. The employees call them “crusties”. Of course, each crusty also has their very own nickname.

There is Stinky Pete (you can smell him from 40 feet away), there is Bucky
(creepazoid with buck teeth), there is Dirty Jesus, and many more. Well, one day we had a new crusty show up, and he gave Stinky Pete a run for the money on smell. I was working the nook
desk up front and when he walked past, both me and Julia, one of the managers turned green and nearly lost our lunch. This guy had clearly not bathed in a good long time. There are those people who at least look clean, but don’t smell clean – no this guy did not look clean either.
During this period of time we had also had a lot of theft going on. Now this guy was wearing biker shorts, so there really wasn’t much left to the imagination. One of my fellow co-workers apparently noticed he had something in his pants – like I said obvious with bike shorts on. So, she
calls over one of the Leads on duty (a really kind woman who unfortunately got chased away by crappy store manager). So, they followed him per protocol and sure enough it looked like a book – it was kind of square and boxy, but rounded a little at the edges…maybe a paperback? They didn’t
know, but the guy smelled so bad their attitude was – he can keep it… He then went into the music department, where, of course they had to follow and keep an eye on him. At some point he got so close to the employee in music that she saw that what was in his pants was not a book…it was a
diaper… And the diaper was not the only thing that was smelly on this guy…”

This story got John and I swapping stories about our own crazy homeless run-ins. The dreaded Buffalo Lady, Ginger, myriad smelly hobos of different shades of brown…
Wondering where these Crusties originate I figured if two of them walk too close to each other their life-stench would mix, and create new life-stench.

Hollie, all of these emails you’ve been sending are super awesome! Thank you!