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From reading some articles online, JK Rowling says that this is the final book for Harry Potter. It’s bittersweet. I really liked having these book events. Granted, some of those events have taken their toll on me, but I’d say that it was worth it. I enjoyed meeting a lot of people who were genuinely excited about a BOOK and they got excited about a book EIGHT TIMES now. Certain other franchises may try to get this amount of hoopla drummed up and fail completely (COUGH COUGH twilight COUGH). I’m going to miss having this happen every two to three years. We were lucky to get one more book, it was pretty cool to see the whole thing grow in fandom for seven books.

What’s next? What could be the next big hit book like this? I’d love to see it happen sooner than nine years. That’s too much of a gap between these things.