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This calls back to some good memories I had working with John. A lot of the time during the winter months working in the stockroom our shipments that were scheduled to arrive at certain times would be delayed quite significantly. We played a lot of “Any minute now” scenarios during these waiting periods. We’d process returns, clean up the stockroom, sweep, organize stuff, try to find things to do while hoping the shipment would show up.
We would run out of stuff to do from time to time, John ran a tight ship and things were very much in order. When that happened, we’d find other ways to entertain ourselves. Sometimes we would hold a silly pose until someone walked in asking for a book, sometimes we would draw on old shipping labels and tape them high up on support pillars to allay any supervisor’s suspicions of us goofing off, and sometimes we would wear big boxes, draw faces on them, and dance silly dances. Good times. Good times.