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The first few weeks of the new year are filled with replenishment shipments. Literal tons of boxes coming in to fill all the holes that were left on the shelves from the previous holiday season. Planning and logistics wise, it’s a total nightmare. Not only are you dealing with a huge amount of automation, if something selss, we send in another, but the amount is never paired down to something manageable for a days worth of work, AND all the terrible weather that happens during this whole WINTER thing. Some days or even a week or two we get nothing shipped in, so we catch up on other projects, we help on the floor, we return as much over-shipped holiday crap as possible, etc… But when the shipments finally show up…hoo boy… they’re nasty pieces of work. Compound all of this on school holidays and rainy weather that brings the crazies in and you have one bad month of crap piled on top of more crap.