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I got an email from Em that was too good not to share:

“This was when The Martian was in theaters, so obviously we had a huge display with the book on it. An older white man with a gray beard and glasses — he looked like the kind of person whose biggest problem was he didn’t have anywhere on his Harley for his dogs to sit — came to my register and asked me, “You seen that Mars movie?” I told him yeah, I had, I’d liked it, and he continued, “It’s amazing what that man did.” I didn’t dare ask if he knew what fiction was, but I don’t think he did since he went on to tell me Monsanto owns the government.”

I have had to face my fair share of crazy old people and their Opinions. Once they open their mouth it’s too late most of the time. Sometimes if you’re lucky, you can catch the eye of a sympathetic coworker who will do a much needed overhead page to get you out of a 30 minute one sided conversation about how the people who have a different culture than us are evil and that we should all be wearing tin foil hats.