It seems every spring, a season that’s known for new life and rebirth type stuff, a lot of companies have the end of their fiscal year. And with the ending of the fiscal year it brings the death of healthy work hours, tightened budgets and payroll cuts. The normal joy of spring is contrasted with the misery of staying in the black and keeping stockholders happy. It trickles down to us grunts.

We want to work, it makes us money. It’s a bit difficult to stay motivated when all you’re getting for a week’s worth of work is maybe 12 hours, and that’s if you’re lucky. Then half of those hours are spent being told to up sell and make sure you sell those Reader’s Advantage cards and push the nük sales and all that stuff that you do every day anyway but it looks like you aren’t because no one is buying anything.

We’re doing our best dang it! Doing our best with the time we’re given. Can’t get too much done when you’re scheduled to work in kid’s, back up nük, and cover the cash/wrap.