Katie sent me an email a little while ago:
“The store manager at the location I worked at was the worst ghost manager on the planet. She would only be on the floor for a few hours a week and would disappear spend the rest of the time haunting the back room. She was so far removed from store operations that she would make the most bizarre policy changes on a whim.

FOR EXAMPLE, we had three computer stations in the main part of the store: the customer service desk, the fiction section (right outside of the lil e-reader pod, which had 2 computers itself), and the one all the way back in Toys and Games.

As I’m sure you know, it’s super easy to get caught by customers in the middle section of the store, so instead of traipsing all the way back to the front of the store with the grumpy customer in tow, I’d just get on the fiction computer to help them out.

One day, I had helped find a book for a customer on the fiction computer and the store manager stopped me afterwards to tell me that the fiction station was only for the nük workers to use and that I was to only use the customer service desk to look up books for customers.”

Not only do they make weird mandates that aren’t what store policy actually is, that type of manager usually changes up the rules to be more convenient for themselves. It’s little, petty things like this that build up to some really frustrated employees.

Thanks for the email, Katie!