I had a fun time teaching kids how to draw comics yesterday. Man, if only all kids were as well behaved as the children I taught. It feels like we get a lot more of the wilder kids. I think it’s just because they’re louder it seems like there’s more of them. It is always a treat when I have the opportunity to interact with a really good kid. Their behavior is a great reflection of how their parents raised them. So I think all of you parents who do your best to raise your kids respecting their surroundings and, more importantly, respecting other people.

That class jogged a memory for me. I had a coworker a few years back tell me about how a little boy was completely devastated because he accidentally tore a page in a book he was reading. Almost in tears he brought it to my coworker and apologized for something that a lot of other kids wouldn’t have given two bent Magikarp Pokemon cards for. These are the types of children I want to raise.

Also! New podcast, yeeahh! What’s in the Podcast?! Episode 11