John and I would wind up taking breaks together a lot. Those breaks would consist of us sitting in the break room (naturally) with me doodling away on a random piece of paper and John checking his twitter feed, email, and sports update stuff.

I only sort of know about baseball because of John. Any time he talks to me about it, I can follow it just enough, but player names for the most part are things that don’t stick with me. I don’t know how much they make, I don’t know their RBI or batting averages or whatever so when a trade goes through and John gets excited or upset he has to find another way of comparing it with another geeky analogy.

I’m sorta hesitant to go too specific with my humor for the comic, (I fear I’m already pretty specific, what with this comic being about retail mostly, and bookstore retail in particular) but I felt that four distinct examples of geekdom would offset that.

I recently got back into Magic the Gathering sadly. There goes all my expendable money… especially when we started carrying the products at work. Employee discounts are a great thing. It’s also nice to see the game still going and that those fancy expensive cards I bought 10 to 15 years ago are appreciating in value.