We get visited by big head honcho types at our store from time to time. It’s more annoying than panic inducing, but the feelings of thinking we’re wasting our time on stuff that the bigwigs care about but never captures the sales we need are still present. Setting up a display to look EXACTLY like what their example picture looks like is not impossible, but it is completely pointless. These displays they want set up are created in a vacuum. A warehouse set up like a store. You will never have regular traffic in that place, you will never see how quickly these displays are either ignored or fall to pieces. There’s no perfect, real world setting for us to focus on making a display table stay perfect. We need to find books for people, answer phones, and help out at the cash registers.
It feels like the Home Office types want it all perfect 24/7 and their instructions are Gospel. No deviations! They really should be guidelines and examples to follow. It would save a ton of payroll hours. We wouldn’t have to scramble to set up a display 3 or 4 more times in preparation for their visit (which 3 times out of 4 get canceled anyways).