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I’ll hazard a guess that not everyone is aware of this devil company. You may have seen their products here or there, you may have even purchased one or two of those pop up greeting cards. Now, there’s nothing wrong with the cards themselves, it’s the corrugated cardboard display. It is all sorts of wrong. How it’s shipped to the store, how they pack it, how the display is supposed to be set up, how unstable the display is, how easy it is for it to fall apart… I could go on. It is a collection of bad decisions and design choices compounded by even more poor decisions. I’ve been throwing as many of the displays away now that I can. They aren’t worth setting up.
You’re supposed to take two small plastic hooks and connect up the top-heavy display onto a flimsy base that is extremely difficult to keep standing. The pop-up cards keep falling out of the display pockets and the plastic hooks either fall out or break the holes they’re supposed to hook into.
The worst was during the Christmas season where the Up-With-Paper display sent to us was double sided, incorrectly sized, and half broken when we received it in.
Don’t waste your time with this crap. You’re worth much, much more than them.