We were lost! Absolutely lost! We had no clue what to do with these “toys and/or games” that were being shipped in to our receiving department. “What are we to do with these,” we asked. “How are we to move forward?” Lo, the printer warmed up and produced a sheet of paper whiter than the whitest snow, more brilliant and bright than anything else ever seen. A pure, crisp, white paper was produced, and printed upon it is now considered holy writ: T&G TO SHELVE.
Without this paper we would no longer be able to continue. Thank you, Home Office directive, for telling us how to do our job. We would not have known to shelve these products if it weren’t for you telling us to shelve them.

Really, who decided that wasting more paper to tell us crap we already know was a good idea? “Shelve this stuff that you were already going to shelve.” That’s almost as wasteful as having a paper print out at random intervals with the message, “READ THIS PAPER.”