That darn Adele and her very talented musicianship! Not a day goes by that that song isn’t stuck in my head. It doesn’t help that we’ve had her album on in store play rotation at work for the last couple months. I’m looking forward to when her album is taken off that playlist.

Here’s a nice take on her song.

Welcome Evil Chris! Our latest addition to the Patreon support character list! He’s been added on behalf of his amazing coworker who sent me an awesome write up of Evil Chris.

“I cannot think of a single person on earth who more deserves to occasionally show up in a comic strip…
He leaves bowls of snacks on the breakroom table labeled “THIS IS A TRAP – LOVE, EVIL CHRIS”, which means everyone has to guess whether they’re being double- or triple-bluffed. (Usually they’re fine, but in one particular instance they were all sugar-free gummi bears, which if eaten in quantity are diuretics. That was a fun night…)
“He has won Cards Against Humanity tournaments at the national level; several of the expansion cards were written by him, and some others he wrote were so awful they were disavowed by the creators. He also makes frappuccinos with whole slices of cheesecake in them, has more fun than the kids at LEGO events, and is the best person to have in your corner at a job where you occasionally want to murder people. He’d know how to get away with it.”

Thank you so much for the support!