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I don’t know what made the 2017 eclipse such a big deal compared to all the other eclipses we’ve had manifest before. Yes, it was a complete eclipse for certain states in the continental US, but the amount of social media posts, articles, gifs, images, youtube videos… It felt like the END TIMES were upon us or something. It’s the moon. The moon sometimes blocks the sun.
Even bigger than everyone talking about the eclipse was ECLIPSE GLASSES! Holy moly, the entire nation was calling our store asking if we sold eclipse glasses. Sunday night I fielded five phone calls in a row of people asking if we sold them. No. We never did. We had three copies of some astronomy magazine that had some cheap cardboard “eclipse glasses” but nothing more. Those were gone way before August even started.
I enjoyed all the videos, gifs, and images shared after the fact. The professionally produced images of the eclipse was better than looking at the thing in person. I missed it completely anyway, a closing shift the night before and a terrible night’s sleep will keep someone from truly enjoying the early hours of the morning… Or even the later hours of the morning…