I come home from work everyday to be greeted by the best gift I ever received. I can’t not see a giant, eight foot tall giraffe when I step into my apartment. It reminds me every day of how generous you all are. It’s helped me see that there are people out there ready and willing to be supportive. Not just to me either. The small gesture you’ve shown me shows a greater picture of who all of you are. It was a definitive statement that humanity is still going to pull through. Despite political climates and differences of opinions, things can and will work out for the better.

That being said, I think the comic version of Mike would absolutely try to get his hands on another two or seven of these 8 foot beauties and the excuse that they’re now on clearance would be just enough of a push for him to run off to collect them.

About three days after I was given the opportunity to buy the giraffe, still during the Christmas rush, another customer came in to our store looking for it. His intent was sure. He was going to buy it if we had it. We were thankfully out of stock, and the customer asked if any nearby stores had it. San Diego was the next closest store. His face set in a determined grin. “It’s time for a road trip.” He walked out the door… One can only assume that San Diego is out of stock by now as well. I wonder if the giraffe was going to be part of a big I’M SORRY gift or some sort of proposal to his significant other who also loves giraffes. Godspeed, dude. But you can’t have mine!!!!