I got a great email from Angie a little while ago that inspired today’s comic:

“In the children’s area of the library where I work, there are two bathrooms
for kids with clear and obvious signage, and outside the area with the
books and bathrooms down a hallway is the staff bathroom. There was a
woman who came in the the other day with about seven children, five or
younger. She was a camp counselor of some sort. And when her kids needed
to pee, you know what she did? She decided to leave the children’s area,
go to a door that is locked and says “STAFF ONLY” on it, and wait until one
of my coworkers left to put her hand out and grab the door. She then
proceeds to stand in the doorway so it doesn’t close and auto-lock on her
while her kids are either peeing, or standing right outside the door
waiting, some of them looking in on their campmates on the toilet. I know
this because when I went to go use the staff bathroom, she was there doing
this, and when I asked her why she was in a staff-only area, she admitted
to grabbing the door when my coworker left, even though my coworker told
her before going into the bathroom where the public bathrooms were.

There are some people in this world that I just don’t get.”

I’ve had people follow me into the stock room, or have them violently pound on the break room door to get to the “good” bathrooms (we have to use the public restrooms too.) How much willful ignorance do you have to employ to not see signs clearly indicating where the restrooms are and the other blatant STAFF ONLY signs. It just goes to show that even in a bookstore, or a library, you can’t take it for granted that customers can read.

Angie, thanks so much for the email! It was awesome!