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How about those fidget toys, eh? Banning them from schools, people all over the place grabbing as many as they can get a hold of, murder–no murder. It’s just the new fad. Maybe this one will stick around. Pokemon stuck around. POGs did not.
…Geez… POGs were terrible. I still kick myself for wasting my small allowances on POGs in the early 90s.

Anyway, I’ve seen managers stay calm and collected with impending District manager visits, and I’ve personally seen Lark go into fits of nervous, sweaty, verbal tic overload, craziness. But when you’re as bad as Lark, and you lie as constantly as him, it’s hard to keep up with what untruth you told last and maybe come up with several new lies to build on top of the old ones. I could see Lark using handfuls of these spinner toys in an effort to calm himself down. Heck, he may have a collection of them already.