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The Bookstore isn’t always up to speed with trends and that’s understandable. Cards Against Humanity was tough for a lot of companies to get onto shelves. Other games, toys, books, sometimes get lost in the shuffle that is publishing rights, logistical issues, profit margins, supply chains, and all sorts of other issues. Providing products for sale can get complicated. I’d say that The Bookstore receiving Fidget Spinners as soon as they did was good. JUST behind the trend curve with that one.
It’s hard to tell what’s going to be popular until afterwards. Not everyone has that ability to predict trends. Who knew that stupid discs of cardboard with crappy off-brand skater culture artwork would become a thing? The 90s were a strange time.

…I’m still kicking myself for buying POGs in ’93 instead of Magic: The Gathering cards… Those cards could’ve bought a house or two with how much some of them are worth now…