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George R R Martin sure has a huge following nowadays. The man can’t go online without being bombarded with people upset that he’s taking his time writing the 6th book in his 7 book series “A Song of Ice and Fire.”

I will admit that most authors can get a book worked out in a couple of years, or one a month with James Patterson, but taking upwards of seven years on one book seems like George has been having a bit of trouble figuring out how to dovetail all the moving pieces to finish up his story in only two books.

My theory is that he’s just waiting for the television adaptation, Game of Thrones, to have its series finale. I’m suspecting that he’s got a finished book and he’s been stalling until the night of the final episode airs to dump it into stores. I’m not a betting man by any stretch so I don’t think the odds of it happening are high, but it was a thought that occurred to me that he could be that spiteful. Not spiteful enough to up and die without trying to finish his series, but spiteful enough to have a drastically different development in story and structure than what happened in the TV show. Just to screw with everyone who’d been following it up to that point.

Besides, if he does die, I think we figured out how to get “A Song of Ice and Fire” wrapped up in record time.