Got another great story from Tracie!

“There was an accident with one of the store’s fire extinguishers… a customer had knocked into one of the store pillars and the extinguisher on it fell off its poorly constructed stand to the floor.
The extinguisher bargain to then coat the area with its foam, so the customer went to one of our registers. The thing that gets me is that the customer WAITED IN LINE! He waited in line behind five people to tell us that we had a rogue extinguisher foaming the store. The Manager on Duty told the
customer that they should have just told us. He stated that he was just being polite and that he could have not said anything at all. Because he decided to be polite we had to damage out over 500.00 worth of books and items.”

I don’t think I’ll ever stop saying this, customers are stupid.

Thanks for the email, Tracie!!