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The staff recommends display shelf is a nice shortcut to use for suggestions with customers. I thought for a long time of not recommending a book I’d recommend a board game or something along those lines. Then I thought, “what if the item I want to recommend doesn’t fit on the shelf?” Then I thought, “What if Lark was responsible for setting up the Staff Recommends shelf?”
I would abuse the dickens out of recommending the most ridiculous stuff if that were the case. Try my best to make a manager, one who drives us insane with frustration, go insane with frustration.

Along the way to making this strip I had a lot of fun looking up old Victorian era swears and insults. Lark’s tongue ran blue when he got frustrated. Very blue. I thought a more creative approach would be more fun and hopefully add a second layer of silliness and fun for those willing to do a search online for the definitions.