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There have been many a fantastic game night hosted at my place throughout the years and some games stay in rotation, while others only come out very rarely, depending on the people involved.

Certain games are fun all the way through for everybody. I’d like to say that Code Names, Dixit, King of Tokyo, Zombicide, and a lot more, can be enjoyed at every level from beginning to end.

Other games are also amazingly fun, but certain things can prevent people from having a good time. Citadels is vicious and cutthroat with a randomness in assassination that can really come up as bad luck for a player or two. Shadows Over Camelot can be a tense, anxiety filled game of trying to find the traitor and shore up defenses at the same time, and if you want to lose friends as quickly as possible, look no further than the Game of Thrones board game. No randomness, no dice rolling to blame for betraying your ally and invading their territory. It’s all on you. Diplomacy can only go so far if they want your port and it’s mutually beneficial for them and THEIR NEW BEST FRIEND.

But you gotta play them all! With the right group of people you can spend so many hours having a lot of fun together.