Beth sent me a great email about a customer she had to deal with a little while ago, “I got a phone call a couple of days ago from an already irate woman looking for what she said was “country living united kingdom.” I am familiar with the magazine section and asked her politely if it was a magazine, she said “yes it is! I know that it is a magazine!” and I politely replied that I was simply asking for my own purposes so that I could search in the correct data base. I typed in the name she had given me and of course there were no matching magazines in the store. I asked her if I could put her on hold to look in the section itself because there were no hits but I thought I had seen something similar. She told me in the most snide tone ” You guys can never find it! Do you even know what the United Kingdom is?”
“I was thinking back on the conversation and would have loved to respond to her rude question by saying , “Yeah! Isn’t that where the Disney Princesses Live?””

I think we’ve all had those kinds of customers and we’ve all REALLY wished we could have mouthed off to that customer.
Beth! Thanks so much for the email!!